Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Ta-Da!!! I finally finished Jon's Very Special Socks... Ravelry Pattern by Jen Showater of Mean Girl Design. Jonathan has very specific sock likes and dislikes, which made it important to be picky about every tiny detail. Which meant that I frogged a few times (see picture of the unraveling!) First, he has rather longer first toes, so the socks must have pointy toes. He likes having a single stripe of contrast color at the base of the toes. He prefers to have the fabric snuggle up to his arches, rather than bagg about. And he does not wear brightly colored socks. So, he got 3 out of four requests... he he he !

This is yarn from the big China yarn adventure of a few months ago. Translations of the label indicate that it's a superwash 80/20 blend of wool and some sort of acrylic fiber. It's actually a twist of cherry red and a pink - it "reads red" but there's a bit of subtlety in there :-)

Most importantly, Zuzu approves!

Just this weekend, we got to go to Stan and Bev's for a summer dinner on the deck!
Stan's famous grilled chicken Greek Salad and Cheesy Phyllo Cups were followed by Jon's Rhubarb pie and home-made-on-the-spot ice cream. Yum!

And, lastly, I didn't get to register for any classes at the Sock Summit because I foolishly waited until the day after registration opened to do so. Who knew that they would get 30,000 simultaneous hits to the website when they "opened" the gates for registration on the first day?! There were only about 1,000 slots available!!! Whee :-) So, I did get three tickets to the Luminary Panel on that Sunday afternoon. Stella and Louise and I will get to see Barbara Walker. Yep! the Barbara Walker that wrote "The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets" AND has a collection of hundreds of BarbieDoll clothes she has knit herself, AND collected, invented, and published the 4 volume set "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns".
AND there will be others! Just look at this line-up!
Cookie A
Star Athena
Deb Barnhill
Judy Becker
Lorilee Beltman
Anne Berk
Cat Bordhi
JC Briar
Nancy Bush
Laurel Coombs
Angela Davis
Carson Demers
Amy Detjen
Laurie Drew
Abby Franquemont
Chrissy Gardiner
Priscilla Gibson-Roberts
Marjan Hammink
Anne Hanson
Sivia Harding
Stephen Houghton
Janel Laidman
Judith MacKenzie McCuin
Betsy McCarthy
Denny McMillan
Melissa Morgan-Oakes
Lucy Neatby
Tina Newton
Heather Ordover
Clara Parkes
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Karen Ratto-Whooley
Deb Robson
Merike Saarniit
Joan Schrouder
Charlene Schurch
Amy R Singer
Meg Swansen
Barbara Walker
Anna Zilboorg

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