Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Tale of many Yarns

Jon agreed to let me have a China adventure all to myself so..... we went to find the yarn district !!!! Yes, China has sheep and wool, and it turns out, sable, angora, and bamboo and soy yarns!

Every other storefront was closed, as it was a Sunday and the week before Chinese New Year so people were beginning to "go home" for the holidays. It seemed a bit deserted and rather forlorn when we arrived. The cab driver didn't really believe us that we meant to go to the address we had requested.(after all, we were two gui lo tourists wandering about an area that might be construed as a bit dangerous!)
then, we turned a corner and there they were! women sitting and chatting, winding the swifts full and laughing:

Baskets and boxes and bins and more boxes of 100% sheep woolen yarns - all rather fine- from very delicate fingering weights to DK to a light worsted. I don't think "chunky" has entered their knitting vocabulary just yet :)

I ended up purchasing 7 boxes of 6-8 skeins each. We had to ask David at New Bright Factory for an old sample suitcase to use to bring it all home!! Stella and Amelia texted back and forth with us so we could decide which to get for them, and then, best of all - I purchased 3 boxes of SABLE yarn- they groom them like angora rabbits, combing out the fur to spin. Those three boxes cost more than the other 4 all together!but I have a plan, and it involves something knit for Jon so he was agreeable .... i'm sure there will be some bits left over for something for me :)


Anonymous said...

The cards worked! I'm so happy that you found the Chinese yarn nirvana. Sable yarn - wow! I definitely need to go back now. Thanks for the post.

Farahana said...

I would like to know that is there any cotton yarn, cotton blended yarn over there. How much do you pay for per boxes roughly if for cotton yarn or any wool yarn. Thanks.