Thursday, February 4, 2010

A trip to China always means I get to find new yarn shops - thanks to's China Knitters forum, I have found more than a few!! Here I am in front of Cheer Wool (see their English web site here) in Hong Kong. Following the directions I had in hand, we found a very tall (20+ stories) building shrouded in blue plastic and bamboo scaffolding. Thinking that we must be mis-reading the street numbers, we walked around the block again a few times, and finally asked in another shop if they knew where the yarn shop was. It was, of course, about 2 blocks up on the opposite side of the street... always an adventure!

I found some Australian cashmere and purchased some children's needles and scissors for Nan. Alas, at age 3, Nan was more interested in the scissors than the yarn. Oh well, there is always next trip to indoctrinate her!

While Nan played "cooking" with her scissors, I finished up 3 washcloths to leave with our friends ....


stella said...

oh, she is just too cute!

Shelby said...

Ran into Jon at Verizon, and he mentioned your most recent trip to China. Sounds like you had a blast!

I still need to come over and borrow your winder and swift at some point, I bought some lace weight alpaca and I am not going to try and hand wind that stuff again, haha.