Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a gift!

Christmas pajama pictures are here:

It's been toooo long since I up-dated the blog! Sorry for that - after our Thanksgiving trip to the Oregon coast, we had Stella & Marcus & Iris (the grand-pug) visit for early Christmas, then we went to my mom, Bev, and then Jon's Mom, Cindy's for "Christmas", then we went back to Portland and the beach for New Year's, and as soon as we got back home, we got on the plane and trekked to China for 2 weeks for our annual factory visits.
Whew!!! It's a miracle I even remember that I have a blog!

Christmas 2009 took some planning.... Here is what several people on our list got! Big picnic Baskets full (10+ jars in each basket) of home-preserved sunshine and love.
Jon used our Hot Foil embossing machines and brown paper circles to create the labels, then he proceeded to create a recipe booklet - using pictures and recipes from Robbin's 2009 blog - that called for the basket ingredients. He published the booklet via Mac - isn't it professional looking?!

In addition to much of the already documented canned goods, I infused Stolichnaya Vodka with vanilla beans, and also created a pepper and thyme while wine vinegar for the baskets. We filled in the empty spots with packets of orange peel candy!

One of the funnest things I made this year was for Marcus - a "Secret Identity" to keep him warm on the slopes!

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stella said...

very nice, mother, but our babypug's name is iris, not olive.