Friday, August 28, 2009

It wouldn't be August without a visit from Mr. Wan!

Yesterday morning, we said hello and goodbye to nephew, Austin as he stopped on his way through Montana going back to college in Vermont....then we put daughter Stella on the plane back to Portland. then we prepared for an evening with Mr. Wan and his family and friends as they were passing through here on the way back to Vancouver and Hong Kong.

Here are me, Rosita, Mr. Wan & Jon, with Cassie and Norman standing.
Of course, we had tea - pu'er tea was the favorite this evening.
and fruit, and we baked some triple chocolate cookies, and had great time catching up :-)
We got out the Penguin soda maker (you can see it on the counter in the picture) and added a splash of our recently decanted Raspberry Liquor (bottled in 2007, and made with our bumper crop of raspberries that summer).

It is so clear and pretty - you can see the damask pattern through the bottle!
And, added to the sparkling water = a heavenly refreshing drink.

Mr. Wan brought us the Ganoderma Sporo-pollen that is so difficult to find here - I love that everything in China is packaged so beautifully; note the wax seal on the cover that certifies this brand as organic (in accordance with, and packaged under the inspection of Australian and EU certifying eyes). I showed them the beginning of my Multnomah Shawl I started using my Sable yarn that I purchased last year in Guang Zhou. If you look closely, the second picture really shows the halo of sable hair throughout the yarn...

The little hairs almost "tuft" in places! And it is just light and lofty - knitting on size 8 Kollage (square) needles, this very fine fingering yarn really fluffs up -I hope it doesn't end up too "warm" for me, since I am loving the deep-green color.

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