Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Keeps me Going

first - the amazing array of potions and lotions that regulate my body so that I can comfortably inhabit it!

These are just the "everyday" items that need application/ingestion for optimal firing of my chi (*life force energy*, Mom!) Yes, there are 2 chewable children's vitamins in there - they help keep me youthful! ... and avoid all the B vitamin issues I get with larger doses :-)

Another necessity? Tasty, fresh greens! Here is a recent evening's selection from our garden :

Let's see.... chives, dill, romaine, beet-tops, baby bok choy, baby kale - instead of cleaning out the refrigerator, I was thinning out the garden patch!The large-leafed thing towards the upper left, is lovage - somewhat unusual herb (it gets to be 5 -6 feet tall!), but one that I have grown and loved for many years - adds a fresh, celery-like flavor to things :-)
See what nice salads we can make?

Here's another variation - this one had black beans and feta cheese sprinkled with a lime vinagrette - a few chunks of home made bread and olive oil rounded out dinner that night!

Of course, our dogs are our most ardent supporters, and companions. Here's Pippin, asserting his Frenchie-Cutieness to get Jon's attention......

And here's the chuckle for the day - Pippin doesn't scratch at the door like most dogs. He prefers to let you know he's out there! Watch!!

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