Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ottawa, oh, Ottawa!!

was absolutely lovely! We got cheap air tickets, business was taken care of, dogs were happily sat, the weather was cooperative, and we decided to visit..... After all, June is our Wedding Anniversary month, so we like to do something a bit romantic :-)

On Rue Wellington, are all the government buildings - Parliment, The Supreme Court, and so forth - and they all look so beautifully castle-ish! we walked around gawking, salivating, and planning our someday-castle!!!

Here is the Rideau Canal - these entrance locks mark the beginning of a 202 kilometer route linking the Ottawa River and Lake Ontario. The series of lakes and rivers made navigable by the locks, channels, and dams was finished in 1832. I had never seen maritime locks in person before - and it was amazing to contemplate the engineering that underlies a canal!

Here's an interesting reflection, just as we were at an intersection - note the wildly painted city bus going by!!

Of course, we had to drive through Ottawa's China Town... and we loved seeing triple languages: French, English, Chinese, on the street signs!

A few years ago, we had an anniversary dinner at a wonderful Indian Restaurant in Hong Kong, so dinner at The East India Company was not to be missed. If you go, you can choose from a lunch buffet menu, or full course dinners. We sat for the dinner, since it was a celebratory evening!

We started with some spicy papadams, accompannied by dips: chutney, tomato , or mint.

Here are the Chilli Prawns - spicey and tasty!

Main dishes were Navratan - a vegetarian's delight! -mixed vegies in a creamy softly scented gravy, and Nilgirli Korma - a subtle melange of lamb and creamed spinach, served with fragrant basmati rice.

A cup of chai ended our meal - not sweet at all, just frothy and spicy!

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