Friday, June 26, 2009

Ginger Beer is Here!

And it's clear that we are going to make this again and again and again. Gingery, with a champagne-like sparkle and a smooth finish.....

Here's how we did it!
First I put the Ginger Beer "Plant" (little symbiotic grains of bacteria/yeast, similar to kefir grains!) in a jar with some water, sugar, and ginger. Then we let it ferment for 3 days.......

On day 3, I decanted it (through a strainer) into a sealable jug. (I rescued the little Ginger Beer Plant grains. They are currently vacationing in the fridge in a lovely sugar solution. But we're going to get it back out to work on another batch right away!) We let this jug sit at room temperature another 2 days.

Day 5: we put the Ginger Beer bottle in the fridge for a day.
Day 6: The un-corking!!!

It didn't seem very fizzy at first,

but about 5 seconds later, Jon was pouring over the sink!

I'm getting ready for another Ginger Beer batch- and becasue the "plant" reproduces, I can make a batch 3 times as big this next time :-)

After that, I've gotten ahold of some sasafrass, and we're going for Root Beer!

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