Monday, February 9, 2009

Bacon Candy Love

Here's how you do it!!
Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees.
Prepare a baking sheet: line with foil, go up and over the edges of the pan with the foil. You will thank me when you are done if you carefully do this!
Take a pound, +/-, of good, dry cured, thick cut bacon, separate the slices and tuck them against, but not on top of, each other to fill up the pan.
Get out your jar of honey. Drizzle the honey thickly over each slice of bacon.
Now, grind pepper heavily over the bacon.
Place the pan in the oven.
After 10 minutes, carefully slide the pan out of the oven, turn the bacon over, (just leave the melted fat in the pan - it will help fry the bacon better!)and again with the honey and ground pepper over all.
Put it all in the oven again - maybe 10 minutes later, check it. (it should be smelling like a heavenly fat-sweet-spicey something!)I often leave it in for another 2-3 minutes. When it's "done" it will not be stiff and crunchy, but rather it will be somewhat stiff but not limp... and very caramelized.
Carefully drain just a bit on paper towels.
You can serve this with anything - I prefer it with with nothing but a glass of champagne.
This is Bacon-heaven. Or, maybe my stomach is Bacon-heaven.

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