Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sleepless in Tokyo

Jon and I missed our flight - the only flight available each day - from Tokyo to Hong Kong.....and spent the evening in the Hilton Airport Hotel.

But first, we had sushi! Saba (sliced beautifully), Uni (little orange colored sea anemones)and Herring roe on kelp (doesn't this one sparkle like tiny citrine jewels on top?!)

Then, we perused the "religious book" selection in the bedside table drawer:

I decided to amuse myself by beginning to track the great variety of Toilets Around the World. Here's the FIRST installment!!
Our first entry is an example of the tidyness factor rampant in Japan; evey toilet has a bidet with a variety of adjustable functions! This one, in the public lavatory at the airport, even includes a "Flushing Sound" option to help disguise any sounds you might make while using it! There is an actual "flush" handle on the wall behind the toilet :)

Next up - did you think that plane was cold? Here, let me warm you up!! This is the ladies lav in the NW Lounge at Narita Airport - note the "safety cord" that plugs the seat into the outlet!! This little seat is toasty, let me add!

We are still in the Tokyo Airport, just about to get on the flight we were supposed to be on yesterday..... but when we saw THIS signage, we had to include it!

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Knit Witch said...

You are too funny!!! I love it!

Mmmmmm - and sushi too - yummy! I hope you guys are having a great trip!