Thursday, January 1, 2009

Evening 365, 2008 - Day 1, 2009

First, there was our Family-First-Night on December 31st: Stella and Marcus elected to "stay in" with us old fogies and we drank vodka and played about 20 rounds of (our newest favorite) game: Bananagrams! For dinner, we made seitan "corned wheat" with sauerkraut and yukon gold potatoes ... it was all yummy :) Then we drank some pink champagne and Proseco (a lovely Italian sparkler with floral overtones) because we had just heard about it that morning on NPR, and, well, we weren't driving so we could!! And after all that it was finally 2009.

During the day, Robbin had started in again on Lily's "Lilies Mittens". Since she's practically another daughter, it's only fitting that I create her own special handwarmers:

I was also able to finish up Cindy's Christmas hat - a companion to the "Reindeer Games" hat I knit for Denny, this one is not so naughty - "Sleigh Ride" seems a nice title for this one:

Finally, on New Year's Day, Stella and Marcus and Lily began their drive back to Portland, through snow and more snow, but in a big Toyota Highlander (Thanks for the loan, Deb -Lily's mom!) with snow tires. Here's a nice little "family" picture with the purps as well. L to R, Jon, Robbin (and Pippin), Stella (and Zuzu) and the always handsomely mustachioed Marcus.

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