Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese Fruits, Flowers, & Fabulousness

Mostly, I just wanted to show off the beautiful pictures of the incredible fruit market we went to so here goes!! Citrus citrus citrus - golden succulent and abundant at this time of year.

Pots of chrysanthemums -giant "marigolds" to us!- for New Year decorating.

Burning coal in the wok to roast chestnuts - more street food :)

Choosing citrus - New Year's is the peak of the citrus season - we must have seen over 20 varieties of oranges, tangerines, mandarins, pomelos, etc. the air was full of that zesty scent - very invigorating! And they sold lots of citrus covered bushes to take home. They look like coins hanging on the branches :)

Special "Gung Hey Fat Choi" (Happy New Year) apples. They place paper stencils on the apples as they ripen to get this effect.

Seeds and Nuts for sale

Jon's Durien fruit (stinky to say the least.... aka "lulian") about the size of a football.

More varieties of fruits - toward the front is something similar to a persimmon but deep purple, and it has interior light colored sections somewhat like citrus.

Orchids for sale - fragrant!

Green coconuts - Jon had one punched and drank the water - street food staple.

On the street in GuangZhou, with the New Year's lanterns hanging.

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