Saturday, January 31, 2009

Can we be Born Again, America?

A provocative video for a few reasons.
First off it reminds us that at this time in our collective experience, there is the possibility for a significant shift in our perceptions of community.The big questions have come to the front again: Who "are" we? why are we "here"? And, the biggest of all, "Have I loved and been loved?" I am using the word "love" in a much larger context than individual-intimate relationships, although personal relationships are certainly the pot in which we learn the nuances of Big-Love - love that is beyond the pettiness of daily life, love that carries us into the future and smooths out our past, love that extends to our neighbors, to our fellow country-men-&-women, to our children and the children of our children. Big-Love creates the space for us, as unique individuals, to become so much more than we seem, to reveal who we are at our deepest core.
Big-Love allows me to see beyond labels- at first the God-talk in this video really turned me off. I have a visceral and rather negative reaction to the idea that Christians have a monopoly on God, Truth, and Patriotism. Big-Love reminds me that, each in our own way, we really are doing the best we can, with the resources that we have, to make the world a "better place". Big-Love reminds me that it is imperative that we continue to work on communicating our deepest and truest selves - for it is there that we can meet each other without fear.

Here are the words to the refrain:
I am a Born Again American
I am my country's keeper
My President and my congress report to me
And so - I will stay informed and involved
I will make my voice heard
and not just at election time
I can make a difference
I matter
I am an American, Born again.

In the spirit of Big-Love and the intent of our Constitution, then, I hope you enjoy this video :)

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