Thursday, November 20, 2008

We've been singing!!

Jon and I and several friends and colleagues, spent early last week in the lovely Swan Valley working with the schools in Condon and Seeley Lake. Here are a few pictures of our "Informances" with the kids. We worked with ages kindergarten through High School, from large full-gym presentations to small, in-class "help-along" sessions.
We actually used a quartet of singers (Hank Jennings-Bass, Jon Rose-Tenor, Sally Ethridge-Alto, and Robbin Rose-Soprano) to sing choral excerpts from Handel's Messiah for these kids - and they were attentive and asked really good questions so we know they were paying attention!!

We were accompanied by our conductor (of course!) Dr. Ron Wilcott, his wife, Debbie on the flute, our pianist extraordinaire Alice Williams, and our Chorus Manager, Kathy Settevendemie. We were in the schools, singing and presenting from 8:30 Monday morning to Tuesday afternoon, then we were joined by the Missoula Community Chorus' Chamber Chorale and presented Messiah to a sold-out house (ok, for that area, it means 100 attendees at the Condon Valley School Gym! - but this is rural Montana!) Jon's opening solos were absolutely perfect and beautiful - someday I'm going to learn how to upload audio clips here.

That evening performance was likely the best presentation we have done so far - all the soloists were spot on, the chorale performed flawlessly, and our chamber group (Alice and Debbie, joined by Janet Haarvig on cello for the evening performance) were the angelic frosting on the cake!

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