Friday, November 7, 2008

Some Recent Cooking Projects

Here's how to roast any autumn vegie combination, and voila! a "gourmet" dinner (as my mom calls just about anything I cook :))

First up is Hit and Run Chicken. Here's the technique: buy a really big jar of marinated artichoke hearts at Costco. Use about 1/3 of them in various pasta and green salads for several months. Eat about 1/3 of them right out of the jar when the mood strikes (use a fork!!). After another month or so, look in the fridge and decide you'd better eat them up, pronto. Pour some of the juice in a 9 x 13 pan, throw in several and varied chicken pieces - here we have a breast. I also always add at least 3-4 thighs for Jonathan (he's a leg man!). Throw the remaining artichoke hearts in the pan. Peel and chunk-chop some carrots and celery - throw those in the pan. Toss in some pine nuts that were shivering in the back of the freezer. Slice the Delicata squash received in the CSA delivery on Wednesday, and drizzle a little more of the artichoke juice over top. Sprinkle with rosemary. Bake at 375 for about an hour. When the house smells super yummy, steam up some snap peas and serve with a nicely chilled light wine or IPA.

The previous dinner was Plain Roasted Vegies. This was the first thing I made after finishing up my recent 28 day diet.... and it was ambrosia. Wash, peel, and quarter a couple of sweet onions, 3 - 4 plump beets, a couple of home grown stalks of celery, and chop up a butternut squash. Toss them in a shallow pan with enough olive oil to lightly coat (maybe 2 -3 Tbs) and a nice pinch of sea salt. Add a bit of a good balsamic vinegar to the mixture and roast for 45 minutes in a hot (450 - 475) oven.

After dinner, curl up with your favorite blankie and take a nap on the couch but don't forget to brush your teeth before bed!


Techwiz said...

That's right, Zuzu. Take good care of those teeth.

stella said...

mommy will you make this dinner for me when i come home? it looks so delicious and i have stared at it salivating all day long.