Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Time, Turkey Time, Knitting Time?

Just in case you were worried, we got the cabbages shredded and salted and pounded and crocked -whew!- picture is of the kraut in one of my Grandmother Emma's crocks that my mom gave me for my recent birthday. Hooray!!! I am rich in crocks because she actually gave me both of them - a #2 and a #3. Kraut is in #2, and bags of coffee beans are hiding in #3. I wonder what fermenting coffee would do.......

Jon and I spent Thanksgiving day at the home of his step-sister, Stephne and her husband, Stephen. We were in charge of the pies: Super Spicy Pumpkin (Jon hand-ground cloves, allspice, cinnamon and cardamom) and Cultured Sour Cream Apple (nose in the air and pie in the mouth!). We had a great turkey dinner and even watched a little football after dinner...... I snagged the end of the couch under the lamp and knit to my heart's delight :)
Then on Friday morning, my mom, Bev stopped in to pet the purps and have leftover pie and coffee, and later that day, Cindy and Dennis came down from Proctor to pick up (our old) Toyota Corolla Station Wagon that they now own .

Christmas knitting is getting down to the wire - I have finished several bicycle helmet earmuffs for all the bikers in our life, four pairs of Norweigian-style mittens, a few colorimetry head-scarves and a neck warming woolen thing or two. There is much to be accomplished still in the remaining days.

To top things off, we have been holding an on-line web-page design contest over this holiday weekend. Natural fiber choir robes are wending their way from Southern Aisa to Western Montana in time for Easter deliveries this year, but we can't sell them unless we can market them - hence, a contest! We have had over 70 entries, and many of the designers are also located in far-flung time zones, so we find ourselves staying up until 2 or 2:30 a.m. writing critiques and suggestions and having a scotch to stay awake long enough to decide on details like a"better 3-D Blue" or a "green for money" Purchase Now button.... When you visit a well-designed web-page, it's as if the elements flow, and you just "feel" comfortable - but they all have to be picked apart, analyzed, and put back together in an inviting and intuitive fashion. It's actually pretty hard (mental) work. Jon's on his third scotch tonight......... that's not his hair having a party, it's his brain - electrified with thought!!!

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