Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What about those KNITTERS?!! ------>

Look here to the right! The Knitters for Obama group on Ravelry has almost met our goal of $30,000 raised for Barack Obama. The national level group of "Knitters for Obama" has raised over $89,000!!! How cool is that?!

The knitters I know have always been readers of good books, opinionated thinkers of interesting thoughts, great hands-on parents, willing to lend a hand to one in need, and great hearted friends!!! Now I know that the vast majority of knitters are also politically involved and willing to help build America anew.

Congratulations! Now, go VOTE, then go pick up those needles and know you are part of a lineage of wonderful people. :)

Edited to add/YES I am knitting like a fiend these days - if I weren't I'd have chewed my fingers right off while watching the nightly news for the past month!!! 3 Colorimetry headscarves, a few dishcloths, and half a pair of glittens. I will post pictures sooner or later - likely after November 4th!

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