Saturday, October 25, 2008

We got SKUNKED!!!

Last night - letting the doglets, Pippin and Zuzu, out for one last pee before bed........ bark! bark! yowl!!!!!!! Jon is out with a flashlight, the stench permeated the yard, Pippin comes blindly out from under the deck frothing at the mouth and stumbling, Zuzu running about yipping her head off...... yep. Skunk. Under the deck. Pippster took it full force in the face, but he was the hero because he was "saving" Zuzu from the evil skunk.
So, there we were, out in the dark, in our p.j.s, running for towels and Hydrogen Peroxide (lucky I had just bought a new bottle a few days ago!) and Baking Soda.
Pippin went in the sink first - oh poor baby, he hates baths but he willingly sat still for this one, even when we dosed his face over and over. I'm afraid there is still stink in his wrinkley nose. When we let him out, he rolled over and over on the carpet trying to rub more out of his face - which meant that this morning, when we came downstairs - L'aire du Skunque wafted towards us. We Febreeezed the carpet twice this morning. Considering that we just paid mega-bucks to have all the carpets taken away and cleaned last month, I'm hoping the Febreeze works.....
Last night I thought enough to throw the dog harness and (his new warm winter) jacket and worst towel into the washing machine.....this morning - the laundry room stank!! The cupful of baking soda I had thrown in evidently didn't do much; when I opened the washer it was just rank. Now I have set it to rinse with white vinegar in the soak setting, but I fear I'm going to have to replace a washing machine because of this. ERGH!
Any ideas about getting rid of skunk smell in the washer?
Amazingly enough, even though we have live-trapped skunks in our yard every year (because they are such a nusiance here next to the mountain) this is the first time any of us got hit - G*d I hope it's the last!

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Techwiz said...

Brave, brave Sir Pippin!
When danger reared it's stripey head
Brave Sir Pippin got sprayed and fled.
Brave, brave, brave
Sir Pippin!