Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stella's Mio and The LundFamily meet up

This past weekend, we drove to Portland - the city we always want to move to- to visit darling Stella and Mr. Marcus. We had to accomplish quite a bit, including getting Stella a Mio 50cc Scooter! and then, the meeting of the families when we had a day with Marcus' mom Becky, dad Paul, and sisters Hannah and Kellsie. Pictures are of Nash and Ned trying to teach Stella proper geek-scooter technique at , Stella and her Mio 50cc, Stella's roomates and Marcus, and The (most charming and wonderful) Lund Family :)

Oh, I got in a bit of knitting as well - made Stella a mini-colorimetry headband (in the first picture) with some leftover sock yarn, and finished Mr. Pippin's Bark Obama sweater. I am a mess at intarsia, and I did some major revisions of the pattern: Knit in the round (not flat), added 1" of smaller rib at the neck, fiddled the dancing dogs and stars across the bottom a bit, added the Obama logo for the "O" and knit "Bark" using stranded technique, but switched to duplicate stitch for the "bama" because carrying the yarn all around was pretty iffy (the catches showed through). But Pippin is a proud demo-dog now, and I am reather pleased that it catches the eyes and hearts of voters everywhere...
Remember: Vote EARLY!! It's very patriotic and American to boot :)

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