Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We've MOVED! This is where we live now...

Jon and I have spent the past week "moving" from the big house to the carriage house that we have spent the past 6 years renovating. Here are pictures of the living room/music studio/kitchen downstairs. You may remember that the other half of downstairs is taken up with the office/shipping headquarters of our business.... upstairs, we have a large "master suite" consisting of a craft room, a library, a walk-in closet, and a sleeping area. Quite lovely actually :)

And our friends, David So and Silver Leung, from China were here last week and helped celebrate by making dinner with us. David and Silver love to descend after shopping with bags of produce and tons of good company. Jon made pork & shrimp won-tons (using the "pick it up and throw it in the bowl 100-times" method to lighten up the filling!) to go in the noodle soup - his home made stock as well. We also had steamed spinich and baby bok choy, crispy baked chicken thighs, and watermelon, raspberries, apples, & oranges for dessert. Pippin impressed David by eating every kind of fruit, politely, from his hand, and Zuzu remembered Silver immediately and wanted a special belly-rub.

We are planning to live here for the first "transition" year of Jon's retirement, and you would not believe how much kitchen stuff I was able to "keep" in this tiny kitchen (I was determined -ha!). The walk-in closet upstairs is such a step-up from the one in the big house... let's see, the trade-off seems to be smaller kitchen for bigger closet..... this is a hard choice!

Jon is leaving tomorrow for Pennsylvania with mom, Cindy, and sister, Louise to re-track the family's history........ I'll see if I can get him to post something about that when he gets back.

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