Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two Bags Full.....

Soooo, I found the camera charger *sheepish grin*and many thanks to all the saints who interceded on my behalf with the prankster fairies.

We went to Alayne's for a neighborhood pot-luck this week, and friend (and drop-spindle spinner) Carole rushes over with 2 bags of alpaca fiber for me!! GASP! It's "dirty" but not greasy or smelly (like wool fresh from the sheep is). She won 10 pounds of this as a premium from the KUFM (local NPR station) fund raiser, and decided to share....... said Carole, "I never knew how much 10 pounds of Alpaca would be!". Apparently about 10 bags full!

It's light and fluffy and a beautiful black with some dark brown flecks. I am being admonished to figure out spinning once and for all...... got the wheel about 10 years ago, took a Saturday class, and promptly spun the most lumpy fugly yarn that I never used it again (except to decorate my craft room ). Well, apparently the Gods are requesting that I try try again - why else would I have been gifted this lovely fleece ?! Thanks Carole!!!

Politics has consumed us for the past week - Jon & I all excited by the DNC and Obama/Biden possibilities despite (my natal) familial opposition. We attended Obama's acceptance speech as it was broadcast at the (super packed) Wilma Theater. Sitting in the theater, having a celebratory bottle of wine with our friends - a really fun and inspirational evening :) Then again, McSame's announcement of running mate Palin is "interesting" - email me privately if you want my real opinion, as this must remain "family friendly" space......

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