Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Floors! Retirement is Great!

Jon and I spent this weekend fixing the downstairs bathroom so we can have a nice house to rent to a visiting professor & family this school year. (We are moving into our carriage house, and saving a bit of money this first year of Jon's "retirement"). So we bought stick-tiles, on sale at Home Despot, some floor Spackle and a dab of white trim paint..... then we went to Costco and got 2 large shelving units, took them to our storage unit, put them together, put stuff on them, and made room for all the stuff we will have to store this year!

Then we came home and stuck tiles on the bathroom floor - it really is instant gratification and I wish we'd done this 4 years ago after I pulled out the awful pink carpet (yes, CARPET in the BATHROOM! ugh) to reveal the marred/scarred 1960s linoleum. Tomorrow, we'll finish up and paint (just the trim) then Sara and I are planning on moving the kitchens around so that Jon and I are forced to live out there... "clearing the psychic space" of the big house to improve the rental chances :)

Wednesday/Thursday we are planning on going Bolering to Cascade Campground with Karen and Daniel and Sara and Doc. We will swim on the beach and go to the Baroque Music Festival at Quinns Hot Springs.... ooooh la la!! This is a great summer :)

Also TA-DA!! The Stellar Cat Mittens are finished - I forced myself to finish the thumbs - thumbs are always so fiddley; I procrastinated for a week over these. I will post pictures tommorrow, cause I'm just plain tired and going to bed now.

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