Friday, August 8, 2008

The Frog Prince Mittens went Camping

but were "frogged" after only 10 rows, due to a yucky wobbly cast-on edge. I cast on in my usual manner for mitts/socks (over two needles; this usually allows enough "give" to manage your hand/foot through) but apparently I was casting on especially loose - and i could not get the stitches to move in together for several rows of attempted "tighter than hell" knitting... so, Rip-it it went. Started over.... Since I had to begin anew, I thought I should try to knit on the hem these needed. This is a trick I've read about but not ever tried before. Basically, you knit the number of rows needed for your hem, then 1 row of purl stitches, then an equal number of rows in your pattern stitch. Using the purled row to delineate, you then turn your hem under, and on the next (pattern) knit row, knit about every 3rd stitch through an edge stitch of the hem. This is a very fussy row, and must only be attempted sober. Afterwards, have a glass of wine and admire your lovely "pre-hemmed hem"!

We went to Cascade along the Clark Fork River this week, "Bolering" with friends Karen and Daniel. The days were full of river swimming, sun basking, dog-antics (who knew that Zuzu could swim and Pippin could not! and the new tandem-leash was a hit and a hoot!), walking up the mountain, campfire singing, and of course, a bit of knitting.....

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troro - the artists behind said...

I really enjoyed your blog....great.
And the knitting was beautiful.
Hugs from T&R