Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Camera Charger is lost :(

so I won't be posting pictures until
a) I miraculously find it (Pray for me, St. Anthony!!)
b) I break down and purchase one and then find the first one, or
c) I learn to use my drawing programs and post drawings of my life..... ergggggggh!

In other news, I put Stella & Marcus on the train in Whitefish Tuesday night, and picked up Jon & Cindy from the same train.... Louise stayed on the train and hosted Stella and Marcus in the sleeper compartment all the way home to Portland. Stella told me it was small but much nicer than trying to sleep in the regular seats all night. They were quite grateful that Cindy, Jon, and Louise had gotten the sleeper for their trip - the only glitch seems to be that Stella forgot (! it's usually attached to her by a very strong psychic cord!!!) her violin, so my big mission today is to pack it in a giant box of peanuts and mail it off to her....

Knitting news: Well, I mostly knit dish cloths when the kids were here and there was knitting time, since the Frog Prince Mittens are for you-know-who.... However, the one time I got caught knitting on them, and he asked what was I knitting, Stella piped up "Looks like a sock to me!!" (good save, Stell!). Since they've left, I'm almost done, just have about 10 rows and then the thumbs.

*will post pictures soon, I hope*

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