Friday, July 30, 2010


  -made with green plantains - if they have gotten yellow & spotty, they will not stand up to this treatment!

Heat about an inch depth grapeseed or peanut oil in a deep skillet.

Slice 4-5 green plantains into about 1 1/2" chunks, and then remove the peel.

Fry the plantain chunks until lightly golden, drain on paper towels.

When a bit cooler, take a heavy pot and squash the plantains  flat (they look like "large paws" -patacones-) and dip them (do not soak them!) into a bowl of salted water  (about 2c. water and a tbs. or so of sea salt) then carefully place them in the hot oil and fry again until crispy brown!

Top patacones with guacamole and fresh salsa, or a garlic/mayonaise combination- they are a great alternative to chips and crackers. Best when eaten hot!!

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