Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy April 15th!!

Tax Day! 2010!!
Enjoy this day - we may never have it this "good" again!!

  • 47 % of Americans will pay NO INCOME TAX at all on their 2009 earnings!
  • Tax-Freedom Day: US citizens only had to work until April 9th (99th day of the year, this year) 2010 to pay their "portion" of Income taxes for the year. After this date, everything you earn, you keep :-)
  • This is one day later than last year, but more than 2 WEEKS EARLIER than 2007, when Mr. G.W. Bush was fearlessly in charge.

 Here in Missoula, some of our neighbors are gathering in front of the federal building lying about their tax burden.
What do you think they are really angry about? (I have a few theories myself!)

Here's a sign my dear Jon made for us to wave back at them:

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