Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In this busy life, a moment of reflection with Sarah McLachlan and St. Francis of Assisi.....

We have been very busy (typically, October/November are our biggest months of the year!)Here's Jon taping up boxes yesterday - and then there's Sean (our UPS Angel!) flexing his muscles to begin the pickup!

Besides "work" I have added quite a bit more to the canning pantry, including several pints of our home-fermented Sauerkraut, and Wool-Wash. Well, the wool-wash isn't for eating.... but it will help get those stains out of Jon's sweater after he's eaten the sauerkraut...

I got the "recipe" for Wool-Wash from an Australian friend...
4 cups boiling water
4 cups pure SOAP flakes (not "detergent! - if you can't find it, just grate a bar or 2 of pure castile soap)
Pour the hot water over the flakes, and beat with a whisk or mixer, until well blended. It gets "foamy - that's alright! When well incorporated, add
1 cup rubbing alcohol ("mentholated spirits" if you live in Australia!) PLUS 1 Tbs or so of essential oil - I used eucalyptus -just enough to smell "fresh"!
Incorporate some more, and pour into wide mouth containers (I got these little ones at the Dollar Store). It will be foamy and cloudy, then go through a clear stage, and lastly firm up into a white gel.
To Use: Swish about a TBS of the gel in warm water, to soak your hand-washables and woolens in.

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