Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It was a lovely last weekend at the lake... Flathead Lake! At the Big Arm Campground, there were only a handful of tenters, and every spot got it's own lake edge "beach" - here's Pippin, dreaming of his Pirate Past-lives.....

Later on, Zuzu took over squirrel patrol so he could catch a sunny nap.
It was Jon's mom's birthday, so Cindy and Denny came down from Dayton for the evening for a taco dinner and a campfire - oh, AND the new Willie Nelson Album was a hit :-)

Jon got another picture of me knitting this trip.... I loved looking straight up into this grandmother tree overhead...

Isn't this just serene looking?!

But earlier, Jon insisted that he could park the trailer on a special rock out cropping... look what happened:

It teetered and tottered and I rather spittily insisted that he NOT move until we figured out how to fix it. He insisted that we photograph his accomplishment (below) before re-positioning it so that we could get in and out without rolling the whole thing into the lake!

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