Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sweet Potato Salad & a little Envy

Sweet Potato Salad - one of the delights of a summer garden! Start by baking (or microwaving- in the hot kitchen this is far less steamy!) 2-3 sweet potatoes, until they are nice and soft (using the "a poked fork slides in so easily you think its already buttered" method of checking). Cool them down on the counter until you can slip the skins off, toss them in a bowl and mash them up all nice and smooth.

Look in the fridge for anything that looks yummy - this day, I found marinated artichokes, some sweet peppers, an onion and a few stalks of celery that needed a purpose. Dice everything up nice and fine - I added about a cup of each to the sweet potatoes.

Then, spoon in some mayonnaise. It must be mayonnaise, and it can be homemade (yum!) but if not, use a decent brand that contains real ingredients - like eggs and oil, and vinegar and salt!

Sometimes, I toss in a chopped hard boiled egg as well.
When it's all mixed together, salt & pepper & spice (tarragon or dill are awfully nice in here) to taste.

Now, for the "Envy"... here's my green-ish version of the Aestlight Shawl by Gudrun Johnson. Don't these colors go nicely with the Sweet Potato Salad?!

This little love is sooo easy and fast to knit! Here are a couple of closeups so you can see how the colors change and twirl. Believe it or not, it is cheap sock yarn by Red Heart!! And it is treated with aloe so that as you knit, your hands are softened- always a nice refinement :-)

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