Friday, August 21, 2009

Glacier Park - awfully close to heaven

Last weekend, we took the Boler, and the doglets, and met up in Glacier National Park with Stella and Marcus, who were there for a week and had invited all their friends and family to see Montana's crown jewel with them.

Stella needed a little help from Marcus with the therma-rest....and the tarp over the tent (since it was pouring rain for the first 2 days!)

Marcus's mom, Becky, and Dad, Paul, took 2 days to get here, and set up camp just in time to sit under the tarp for dinner!
Campfires helped dry us out - Stella is sitting with Marcus's sister, Kelsey and her friend Soleil. None of Marcus's family had ever been to Glacier, so it was fun to drive about the next day on the Going-to-the-Sun Road (which is only open for 2-3 months a year, and always has huge washed-out areas that are under construction every year) to 6640 feet at the top of Logan Pass.

At the top of the world (or at least at the top of the Continental Divide which is at the way top of Going to the Sun) we have the classic shot-from-behind- looking-over-the edge-of-the-world! Becky, Stella, Kelsey, Jon, Paula -a tag-a-long-Mom with friends/daughters Brenna, Erin, & Kimberly, and their dad Bob.

photographs galore were taken....

Grandeur was applauded! Even in the rain, through the clouds, Glacier is a place of such pure and rugged beauty that breathlessness at the awesomeness of nature is common - altitude? scenery? spirit?

And then we added in Grandma Bev (my mom, Stella's Grandma)who drove up for a day and a night - notice Zuzu's black nose? She decided to see how far it was to China under the folding chair....

Do you think the Lund men have a resemblance?! And what would camping be without wild life strolling through - and snorting at the dogslets!!

See? I told you they loved Glacier!

so do we :-)

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