Friday, August 14, 2009

A Family Vacation... to the Sock Summit!!

Rainbow of woolen skeins and The Lantern Moon Umbrella of Socks:

Sock Tree and Huge wool winder spinning overhead at the Market place.

the Quilt of many sock yarn leftovers

The VooDoo DoNuts were a hit!! Famous for innovative combinations, the orange one on the right was Jon's favorite: Mango Tango! a mango puree in the center, topped with marshmallow cream and dipped in Tang-drink powder. The center one with the cereal loop on top was an Apple Jack and the Pentagram decorated donut was just the token pagan-themed nut in the box.

We Love the Purl District :-) somewhere in Portland's Pearl District!

and here she is - My Pagan-Knitting Heroine: Barbara Walker!!!!! She deserves the star-spangled donut for having written 4 Knitting Treasuries and The Women's Book of Myths and Secrets. One of her best quotes was, "Just as the bird’s wing evolved to fly, the human hand evolved to manipulate. An idle hand is not a happy hand."

the Wall-O-Socks : Winners of the Sock Contest! The Leopard print ones were the grand prize winner: sheared, spun, dyed, designed and knit by one woman - and they have an ingenious replaceable sole!

Here's Stella and Louise knitting away during the Luminary Panel:

there was more knitting & crocheting going on at home in between breakfast and dinner and classes...
Marcus helped out with the eating :-)

More Summit Knitting - it's amazing to be in a room with 1500+ other knitters ....all...knitting!!!

and listening to our Luminous Leaders. Sorry, we were in the waaaaay back, but we heard every sentence! Here's great kudos for Stephanie and Tina, the "Moms of the Summit"!!

And at the very end... 1600 slices of birthday cake in honor of Elizabeth Zimmerman's 99th birthday :-) "Knit on, with confidence, through all crisis" -E.Z.

And, just because it made me cry, go here and read about the socks that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee made for Tina Newton - these are the two women who moved heaven and Portland and yarn and knitters, and birthed the first Sock Summit.

One evening, we got dressed up and went to an Evening of Opera and BarBQue... I love it when Louise dresses up :-)

Before heading out of town, we got together with the fam to celebrate Ned's dad, Norm's 83rd BIRTHDAY!!! at Portland's School of Arts and Crafts student-run restaurant...Some student crafts on display included these crocheted telephones! Which seemed to fit into the whole weekend theme quite nicely...

Family: Front: Louise, Norm, Nash, Back: Robbin, Jon, Lee, Stella & Marcus

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