Monday, July 6, 2009

Zombie Opera!!

Stella's dancing fingers have been working on music for a new opera production which PREMIERES this weekend in Portland Oregon. (pssst, she's the tiny blonde concert mistress in the pit!) Here's a little bit about Stella:

A student of Carol Sindell, Stella studies violin performance at Portland State University. She is a member of the PSU Symphony Orchestra as well as concertmaster of the New Music Ensemble at Portland State. As an advocate and fan of New Music, Stella is proud to be friends with some of Portland's most talented young composers (Reed Reimer and Ben Larson included), who give her lots of great opportunities to perform their work. Originally from Missoula, Montana, Stella lives in Portland with her partner Marcus. She loves to make art and surround herself with the lovely people she's lucky to call her friends and family.

"Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here at Hogwarts!"- Dumbledore

Zombies are the new Pirates..... doesn't this just sound like FUN?!

In this hybrid of the stage, concert hall, and movie theater, our two heroines, Anna and Claire, and our two heroes, Bryan and Jeremy, find themselves locked inside a quarantined hospital, when an out-of-control virus begins turning doctors, researchers, patients, and security guards into mindless, brain-eating monsters. Friends betray friends; lovers propose marriage and attempt to kill one another; murder becomes morally ambiguous...In the end, they must decide whether life is worth the effort it takes to live, not just survive.

Here's a little news article about it:


BY Willamette Week Online EDITORIAL STAFF | 503-243-2122

BRAA-AAA-AAINS: This week’s proof that zombies are the new pirates: Student Opera at Portland State University will premiere a new work by students Benjamin Emory Larson and Reed Reimer at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center titled Maelstrom: the Zombie Opera on July 10. The plot, according to organizers, involves four people trapped in a quarantined hospital overrun by brain-eating monsters. Who sing.

I am soooo excited to see it!


Knit Witch said...

Is that your daughter?!?!?!

RobbinMT said...

She's not a zombie ..... yet!

Anonymous said...

Stella really rocks. That's a fact. You done good!