Saturday, July 11, 2009

July Joy

We have had Ned & Louise & Austin here (part of the Portland wing of our clan) for a fabulous time of food, home brew, and catching up... Stan and & Bev came down last night for dinner, and we surprised them with their in-laws, Jim and Pat - who dropped in via their motor home all the way from Tuscon!
Today we are floating the river, and having a great Saturday feast of Marinated Chicken and Bratwursts on the Bar B Q, fresh cabbage slaw and corn on the cob from the farmer's market, and seeing Cindy, Vicki and Amelia as well.
The only ones missing are Stella and Marcus - who are still in Portland because Stell is playing in the Zombie Opera (see below). But I'll be going back for a few days with N & L & A to all go see it!!
I'll try to post some pictures later -whew!

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