Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Lalapalooza

Yesterday was Mother's Day, so Jon made a Rhubarb-Cardamom pie & I packed up Zuzu & Pippin and off we went!

First stop: Jon's mom, Cindy's house in the woods near Flathead Lake. Since we had gotten a late start, Cindy graciously cooked her own Mother's Day brunch (Dutch Baby Pancake, strawberries with sweet cream, fresh pineapple and maple sausage patties - yum!) so we could hang out and Jon could help her a bit with the computer.....

Pippin is happiest playing ball with Denny. This is after he chased the cat, broke the lamp, drank the "Liquid Fence" solution (deer aversion spray), and spent another 20 minutes under the porch brawling with the other cat! He's fine, by the way - "liquid fence" is made with "putrefied eggs" so he was just more pungent than usual-?! Zuzu, on the other hand, was a perfect grand-dog, and distributed unlimited kisses in honor of the day.

We shared some pie, packed up again and off to Robbin's mom Bev's home on Canyon Ferry Lake! The drive through the Seeley Swan was lovely, so we didn't much mind the 4 hours to Bev's house :-)

We slid past Helena about 8 p.m., so Bev & friend, Maxine, met us at Yacht Basin Restaurant to have a nice Mother's Day dinner looking out over the lake. Darkness had descended by the time we got to her house, after dinner, so you'll just have to imagine the lovely fountain ala birdbath we delivered, to her delight!
After another round of Rhubarb pie, we started home again about 11:30, arriving safely at about 1:30 a.m. All told, we traveled over 450 miles yesterday just to visit the moms! We slept a little later than usual this morning!

Today was spent shipping music folders, setting out more strawberries and a couple of little brussels sprouts for Stella. Jon hooked up the new printer, and played a little bit with his new microphones - you understand of course, that his anniversary gift of the fancy mixing board required 2 more microphones than we already owned.... so..... :-)

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