Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just Say NO! to GMOs

TAKE BACK YOUR FOOD!!! Eat LOCAL (pictured: Missoula Farmer's Market - Opening Day May 2nd, 2009) Isn't it lovely? and Healthy!!

Genetically Modified Foods. Top five GM Foods:

Soy, Canola, Corn, Cottonseed, and Sugar from Sugar Beets

This is why eating organic is so important. "Organic" = "the way food was grown/cultivated for thousands of years". Genetically Modified Foods are sterile crops. And they "infect" other crops (through wind-blown seeds) - cross-contaminated crops can become sterile as well.

Who benefits from sterile seed? One multi-national company owns all GM seed companies, as well as several chemical companies that produce herbicides to kill the superweeds the GM seed have encouraged. Yes you read that correctly - one company - Monsanto - owns ALL GM seed - this is the company that brought you Agent Orange, RoundUp, Aspartame, and Posilac!

Monsanto would love to sell you seed every year rather than allow you the ability to save seed for next year's crops! And the farmer who is trying to grow healthy food can be sued by Monsanto when those GM seeds blow over to your garden plot or acerage and take root. GM seed companies have encouraged convoluted legal decisions (yes, they have a huge lobby in Washington!) that state that if you "allow" those wind-blown, un invited GM-seeds to grow, you have legally "stolen" from the companies who developed them. In Canada, farmers can no longer grow organic canola or soybeans, because all the seed has been contaminated with GM stock.

Does GM seed create larger or more vigorous crops? No again! In fact, the use of GM seed has actually created more "superweeds", yields have decreased, and farmers must use even more weed-control chemicals. Genetically Modified seed is intended to be non-renewable - but food is one area where renewable and sustainability is so imperative that the England and European Union has banned them. We need to wake up and take control of our food in the US - and ban them as well.

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and sign the petition to President Obama asking to label our food. This is a good first step! It's important that we know if we are buying real or GM foods -we can't avoid them if we don't know they are there... in the meantime, eat organic as much as possible, grow your own, and remember that animals grown for meat are likely fed the cheaper GM food, so eat organic meats as well!


Knit Witch said...

Wow...........very interesting. Thanks for the information! I truly think we are poisoning ourselves with our own food supply.

Rain said...

I have been reading about this also and you said it well. I found a source of natural seed in my area but it is definitely not what is easy to find. Worth the effort though. What we support will continue to exist