Friday, December 19, 2008

I Believe....

I Believe
  • that birthing and raising children is a work of the soul, a challenge to the spirit, and a gift to the universe.
  • that "God" is bigger than any religious group, 'true believer', or even the deepest thinking theologians and scientists can grasp.
  • that we have more than one chance to 'get it right' -yes, that implies some variation of reincarnation.
  • that there are always alternatives to war and conflict.
  • in fairy tales, tall tales, and even 'urban legends' might contain kernels of truth.
  • that the seasons remind us, subliminally at least, of the spiral and cycles of life.
  • that my dogs are the best canines ever incarnated, and I am so happy that they have found me again and again....!!
  • the 'best' years of my life are the ones I am living.
  • that we should pray for, and work for, peace and hope and change every day of our lives. NOW is our opportunity to influence what is reaching towards us from the future.
  • that LOVE always triumphs.


Dina said...

lovely..i had no idea you are a mary too. what a list you have besides the Margaret George I haven't read any. I will be chekcing that out

Anonymous said...

100%, me too.