Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here's Christmas Pictures for the Moms!!

It all started with baking the Hungarian Nut Rolls and the cardamom bread (braided) and decorating the tree; thanks to Stella and Lily! -they decorated while I baked...

Pippin helped open presents! Amelia got the Chevron Scarf, Stella loved her "Frank the Siamese" Cat Mittens, Jon received the long-awaited Fish Mittens.....Stella got an antique Belgium Coffee Grinder in her favorite color!!!

Amelia loved her "Betty's Divine" duffle and decided to trade in her Bose headphones that she asked for, for the ones she actually wanted...

Stella played lots of Christmas music for Jon and Robbin to sing to, and she up loaded almost all the Christmas CDs to the iTunes so we could finally put music on Robbin's I-pod that she got last year for Christmas...We had a lovely dinner at our house with Stan and Bev! Vegie/Quorn Pot-Pie (Thank you, pie-man Jon), roasted root and flower vegetables, and Stan's amazing Kale-Pomegranate Salad, followed by more pie: Pumpkin!

The next day, Jon, Robbin, Stella & the purps drove the "big Rav" and went over the river and into the woods to Grammy Cindy and Dennis's house (in the woods between Flathead Lake and Lake Mary Ronan) where it was even snowier. Stella got to relax in the hot tub in the snow; Denny loved the "Reindeer Games" hat, Pippin finally got into the spirit of snow-love as Zuzu danced around him and pulled him through the drifts. We were planning on going up to Whitefish to pick up Marcus from the train at 6:30 a.m. on the 27th - alas, Marcus was stuck on the train near Spokane waiting for derailments in front of the train to be cleared...His whole train trip usually is just an over night from Portland to Whitefish, this one took over 30 hours!!! He got to Whitefish at 2:30 am after finally leaving Spokane at 8 p.m. WHEW!! But we persevered -more snowy walks and more left-overs (yum!!) and rescued him, staying an extra night in a little cabin looking over Lake Mary Ronan. It was so rustic that there was a cyborg heating unit on the wall - definitely a hybrid of some sort :)

From us, to all of you:
Happy Winter Days, a New Year of Joy and please, seriously, PRAY FOR PEACE and let it begin in each of us, at home.
love, love, love.

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Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

wow- much awesomeness. great round up!