Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time for a little political humor

I have to admit - I've been knitting like crazy trying to assuage my absolute horror... contempt?..... general malaise.... disbelief.....get the picture? about what's going on in America at the moment. Frankly, if the Election is as close as reported, about half the people I see each day on the street have left their minds under the bed this morning!
You might be able to guess who I think has a better chance of turning the world around....... meanwhile, a word from our sponsors!


Knit Witch said...

Hahahaha!!!!! Well, just know you have a fellow Obama supporter here in Georgia. Please GOD don't let the Republicans win again!!! Palin..............BLEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dina said...

so does knitting take the anger away (LOL). It hasn't helped me!!