Saturday, September 6, 2008

MMMmmm Good! Homemade Egg-a-Muffins!

Here's how we made them! Start with some lightly buttered muffin rings and a good english muffin or scone recipe. Make muffins, either "English" and baked, or as Welsh Griddle cakes on the stove top (we baked them last night).

Toast those muffins!! Poach those eggs!!! Top it with a great Chile-Lime-Gouda!!
Better than "those other mcmuffs" anyday :)))

A *funny aside*
Have you seen the entryway rug that says "Well, butter my butt and call me a buscuit, look who's here!!"? This morning, in an attempt to be mildly funny, Jon's interpretation was, "well, turn me over and butter my muffin". I decided he should get 5 stars ***** for being far funnier than he could've imagined :)

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