Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Dinner for Marion

Last weekend, Jon and I joined about 70 other Missoulians at the new Cafe Dolce Restaurant for an evening "in Italy". The Five-Course meal was prepared using locally grown/farmed foods by several renowned Missoula chefs. And, everything, from the lovely space to the ingredients to the preparation and clean up, and silent auction items were dontated so that all the funds raised could go towards Marion Halsell's scholarship fund to attend the prestigious "University of Gastronomic Science" - housed in a castle! -in Northern Italy for the next three years. Only 5 U.S students, of 15 non-Italian students, are accepted each year.

Anyone who knows Marion (a friend of Stella's since grade school) has benefited from her culinary interests. In fact, she made the wedding cake for Jon and my wedding!! My earliest memories of Marion involve observing Katie-Stella bargain with Marion: "I'll provide the musical entertainment - piano? violin? and you make the cookies!" So Katie would "entertain" for an hour while Marion picked through the cupboards and created something delicious. Always a bargain :)

Here are the courses of Marion's Dinner in Italy!

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