Friday, September 19, 2008

Here are the Dishes

Apertivo preparato di: Jason & Ana Willenbrock of Posh Chocolat:
Seared Honey Polenta with mushroom ragu.
Served with Range Rider Red, Ten Spoon Winery, Missoula

Zuppa preparato di: Doug Smith, Good Food Store
Classic Wedding Soup
with a marriage of greens and meats in a rich beef broth
Served with Range Rider Red, Ten Spoon Winery, Missoula

Jon enjoying the Zuppa!

Wine Glasses line up for the count...

Piatto di Pesce preparato di Ray Risho, Perugia
Pesce in Umido
"Slow-simmered Fish" : a firm Halibut fillet simmered in a sauce of sweet peppers, tomatoes, capers, balsamic, olices, Madeira and herbs.
Served with Range Rider Red, Ten Spoon Winery

Slicing the Timpano

Pasta Principale

Pasta Principale preparato di: Matt Cornette & Dominick Martin, Red Bird
layers of hand-rolled garganelli pasta, apple-fennel pork sausage, duck, chicken and pork ragu, and housemade ricotta, garnished with farmers market salad.
Served with Reignac Cuvee Speciale Bordeaux 2003

Dolce preparato di: Bob Marshall, Biga Pizza
Apricot Chutney ice cream
with an almond praline and chokecherry Amaretto sauce
Served with Terra Sana Blend Fair Trade Organic coffee


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