Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Awning,,,, part 2

Yesterday was spent biking to the Farmer's Market to pick up some new spring cabbages (to start the next batch of sauerkraut) and split a giant cinnamon roll and coffee. After we got home, Jon helped me finish up the little canopy for the Boley :) Here's a few pictures of our day. We did finish the awning, and it's riding along the top of the Boler, but we won't know if it "really works" until we get to a campground and put up the extend-a-poles and see how it looks! I'll put another picture up then. Meanwhile, the sauerkraut pictures are to the right....
Today (Sunday) will be spent packing and anticipating. I am going to start some chili on the stove top in the morning before we leave, put it in the thermal cooker, and then when we stop for our first night, we should have a wonderful hot meal all ready for us. Add a beer and some tortillas and we will be camping pretty :)

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