Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's playing in your ears and on your needles?

Just a few more notes about the recent "big trip"
  • yes, with gas sometimes costing $4.591/gallon, we ended up spending almost $500 on gas - mmmph
  • the trip total mileage was 1850+ (well, we did have those lovely days of diversion when we knew not where we were headed...)
  • our average miles per gallon, in the V-6 Rav4, pulling the Boler was 15.7 - not as bad as it could be, but worse than we expected, Jon was particularly surprised at how often we had to fill up. The Prius has spoiled us, All I could think of was how much worse it could have been if we had a less efficient tow vehicle.
  • Zuzu & Pippin stood at the front gate staring up at the Boler with hope and anticipation most of the past two days.
In my ears recently: The Full Monty - we went to see it up in Whitefish on Thursday night - fabulous production. I liked the movie, I really like the musical!! Alpine Theater Project (ATP) is a summer theater company that employs equity actors - and many of them are rather famous. The sound was set too high at first (bleeding ears- not so good) but settled down after the 2nd number and a raucous time was had by all. Just so you know, there were warning signs declaring that there was "smoke, fog, and 90% nudity" in this show -he he he.

On my needles: the first of the cat mittens being created just for darling Stella just came off my needles tonight. The second one will begin tomorrow :) I will post pictures soon. Very very cool; they may require a bit of felting to get the correct fit. At least her hands are the same size as mine (imagine that!) so felting will be like washing my hands.....

P.S.: We are building raised beds in the west garden area of the back yard, and creating space for the fire pit ..... always a project, eh?

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Gypsy music. You know how I love ethnic music...