Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The "Rose Boler"

I am busy sewing up a little shade canopy for our Boler camper trailer, out of a canvas drop cloth. Except for minor friction with my darling husband regarding the construction of said canopy, things have gone well. He has something....... more expensive, more extensive, more expansive in mind ...we should just enclose it in a gazebo-like confection of fringe and traditional paisley.

This project came about because we signed up to attend the West Coast "Bolarama/Egg Gathering" next week. It seems that most of the attendees are actually other variations of fiberglass trailers. Bolers were made in Canada and Minnesota from the mid '60s to 1979. Our little 13' egg-home is the top-of-the-line from the last year they were manufactured. As part of the get together, there is a "trailer tour" so people can see what adaptations and decor you have. Ours is simply "vintage", so no worries there, but when Jon suggested I bring Stella's (hibernating) sweater project along to work on during the Bolerama. I was actually considering which project would coordinate well and best show the Boler off. Do I go for something to coordinate with the "natural canvas" of said canopy? The Boler itself is a bit dated (orange and gold stripes -well, it was 1979! eek!) but we have plans to paint the bottom half silver (to match the Rav) and top pearlescent white. Potential names are (please, VOTE!!)
  • The Rose Boler
  • The Oval Office (we do take the computer, use the blackberry as a modem and hook up to the internet in order to process orders, even on the road!)
  • Mini-Pearl (only if we paint it)
  • other??

This of course means that I must find another project that crosses many fashion eras, combines faux pas, echos qualities of potential names, and incorporates ORANGE!!!!!

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stella said...

i vote for mini-pearl, but that's only because i am privy to a certain someone's certain halloween costume circa 1964...
i love you so much mom!