Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Deer July Visitors

Guess who stopped by for lunch today? Pippin was barking (what's new?) so I went out to call him in. There on the other side of the fence was a beautiful 1 - 2 year old buck - flirting with Pippin! They tossed their heads at each other, and after a few minutes, I see another one sauntering over to check us out. I had seen signs that someone had been sleeping in the yard. Pippin eventually got in the neighbor's yard, and chased them down the alley - but they were amazingly unfazed by the whirling bull dog. It was more like "he's irritating, let's split!"


Joanne said...

Hi Robbin, Just found your blog and liked the deer story. We had a deer in our yard eating our tomato plants earlier this summer, which was surprising b/c we're in suburbia. But I guess they get around!

techwiz said...

Hi Robb, I haven't read your blog for awhile, but I was just working on mine and thought I'd stop by and see what was new. Boy! You have all kinds of widget goodies on your page now. I like the knitwitch. And wow! Nice buck! Also, the raised beds look good.