Monday, July 7, 2008

Here Fishy Fishy

I have progressed through the second mitten of Jon's lovely Blue Fish Mittens. I am doing much better on mitt 2, since I got past the brain-cramp about reading a black-and-white pattern where the black squares mean color and the white squares mean black!!! I must have frogged at least 1/4 of my rows on the first mitten just because my brain saw black..... and I, naturally rather obedient, knitted black. Hmmmmmph. Next pair will be using a varigated yarn so I can have "Rainbow Trout" Mittens!

I have also been musing over the two full, in the grease, fleeces my brother Todd gifted me with several years ago. They have been residing in the storage unit, and are beginning to whisper to me about washing and carding and spinning. I must investigate the idea of sending them, grease and all, off to be cleaned and carded, then all I have to do is spin and dye.

Meanwhile, in "other life" news, Zuzu (Pomeranian cross piece-of-fluff-worth-spinning) is likely going to survive the whole-bone-swallow that occurred 10 days ago, and had us on pins and needles watching for signs of a dire esophageal stricture. Pippin (the oui-frenchie) then decided to eat a glass votive candle holder. Yes, you read that correctly - crunch crunch :) However, all that seemed to pass through quite neatly as well. What kind of competition is this?!? I have never had a dog eat anything more weird that kitchen garbage before this.....Dog God is watching... perhaps just chuckling.

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