Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bolerama!!! and the (Y)awning (continued...)

We are finally back from the great adventure of 2008. Yep, we took the dogs, the coolers, packed the Rav and pulled the Boler all the way from Western Montana, over 1750 miles, to the Southwestern Oregon coast and then back again.

First stop: scenic Pasco Washington; 100 degrees (and "cooling down" according to the campground owner!) where Zuz and Pip tried out the tie-out stake and play-pen. Both got a paws-down, but we instigated a no-whining rule asap. We actually were glad to have electric hook-up since we had brought a small fan. Sleeping with 2 furry monsters, and a 6' spouse in flannel sheets .... a lovely time was had by all.

Second day, we left early, thinking we would get to Lewis River Campground in SW Washington about 4 pm-ish - in time to swim, have a beer, chat with the fam and friends... you know. Well, we made a large (200 mile +) loop around the campground site. Wending our way through the fairy-forest, we finally got to camp at 10:30 that night. Whew!

Third day: spent walking through the forest, smelling the cedars, and knitting a bit on Stella's cat mittens. Then we sang campfire songs and enjoyed good company.

Fourth day: Drive to Bullard's Beaach, south of Coos Bay Oregon for the "Egg Gathering" (aka"Bolerama"). Again, we thought it would take us 4-5 hours. Took 10. enough said.

Fifth & Sixth days: Spent attending Solar-Bolar and LED retro-fitting workshops, touring all the trailers. Lots of trailer pictures can be found at flickr.com -search for "RobbinMT". It was fun to see all the special things people were doing to make their little nests cozier :)

Seventh day: Left Bullard's Beach at 10 am, went to CAMPING WORLD! in Gresham and got a new bike rack for the Rav that will fit in the hitch receiver and then you hook the Boler behind. After that, another short diversion at the Wasson Winery in Sandy- the maker's of a Sparkling Rhubarb wine to die for (and a "small" purchase) and we were finally on the way home. We drove straight through, stopping only to let the purps pee and refill our water jugs. Got home at 11:30 p.m. and whew!!! it was great :) also great to sleep in a large, clean bed!

The only regret is that I only got halfway done with one mitten..... The best was hooking up the laptop to the Blackberry as a modem really worked well! We processed orders 2 mornings, and felt free to play because Sara-the-beloved-worker-"queen-bee" was at home embossing and making sure things were still moving. Also we took the thermal pot and had chili the first night (it "cooked" in the car all the way), Congee one morning, and polenta and sausages another evening. This is a great way to camping-cook!

I am so looking forward to more Bolering this summer. We are hoping to make it up to Cascade campground in early August while the Quinn's Hot Springs' Baroque Music Festival is happening. That would be the best: camping on the river, and music!!

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