Monday, June 23, 2008

Pi are Back!

Worked most of today, with back of my mind pondering this knitting conunndrum:
I have been "at" 576 stitches on the Pi shawl for several rows. I was idiot-knitting because my (menopausal) brain has been having difficulties concentrating for the past few days......Now, I "think" I'm thinking more clearly, so I decide to count the stitches in order to begin a pattern stitch - nothing too fancy, just something to break up the monotony of plain stockinette.......

Hmmmmm. there seems to only be 552 stitches on the needle. I re-count it several times, never getting the same figure twice. (This should have clued me in but as I said, I've had some clarity issues lately!) I circle around the shawl once again, this time diligently marking down a hash mark for every one of the 24 stitches I add in. Note: I hadn't really even checked for dropped stitches, nor had I noted anything amiss in the earlier section of patterned knitting......But, I was content to just keep forging ahead.

I counted all the stitches again when I was done adding. 603 stitches have appeared on my needles. WHAT?!?! I count again. I feel like I must live in Florida because the recount takes several days - Is that a hanging stitch? The yarn is twisted - is that 1 stitch or 2?

The recount stands.

Maybe I can "fix it", because of course, I don't want to rip backwards...... I carefully place stitch markers (what an idea!) every 100 stitches. I count again. I have a lemonade and some progesterone. I knit around once more, knitting 2 tog every once in a while, double checking, obsessively every 100 stitches and now, I have 576 stitches on my needles and I am GOING FORWARD (with a Hard Apple Cider at my side).

When I'm done, and post pictures of the Finished Object, let's see if you can tell where the brain left the project :)

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