Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sushi: "Montana Rolls"

While dilly-dallying along an aisle at the Good Food Store, I saw the Nori Sheets, and said to Jon, have you ever made sushi?" and he replied that he had, long ago. Into the basket went the Nori! We wheeled over to the meat counter and bought 1 crab leg, flew over to produce to pick up a cucumber and a couple of avocados, and found a bamboo rolling sheet in the gadget section.

At home, we set about cooking rice, slicing vegies, and taste-testing the crab. Then came the "rolling"....... the first try was a bit lumpy because we stuffed lots of filling in! We also realized that we were not going to be able to do the "inside out" wrap like California Rolls, with the rice on the outside. Second roll was still a bit funny-looking, so we went to the internet and googled "sushi +rolling", and discovered a more efficient "loading" technique, as well as an understanding that the "rolling mat" is really used for "shaping" more than actual "rolling". Our third roll was beautiful!

We sliced the rolls, and arranged them nicely on the plate.

Then, we whipped the wasabi paste and the soy sauce together.


Thank you to dear Jonathan, for agreeing to let me document his guest appearance as Sushi-chef today :-)


Knit Witch said...

Oh my.........YUM!!!!! That looks wonderful! The t-shirts are coming I promise. Me being anxious about them isn't making them ship here any faster darnit!! But, I have not forgotten about you.

Sadao said...

If I had to choose between a Montana roll and a California roll, It would be Montana! Imitation crab cannot beat real crab.