Saturday, January 3, 2009

How Rich are YOU?!

Try this out... if you live in the U S, even in these "difficult economic times" you are likely richer than you know. it's pretty cool :)

Then, think of donating something - even just a small bit- to your local food bank or charitable organization of your choice. This year, Jon and I continued our Christmas tradition of purchasing an animal for a family through the Heifer Project - this year, it was a goat, and I wish that the family that receives the goat also receives our good wishes for a new beginning and health for their family.

I'm the 35,732,201 richest person on earth!

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P.S. It appears as if Stella has been adopted by Marcus' family :) I opened a Christmas envelope and THIS fell out!!
Thanks, Lunds, for all you do for Stella and all the love you are!

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